Guidelines for attending visitations

In preparation for holding public visitation, we ask that those coming to the funeral home follow the guidelines that we have put in place for everyone's safety. Entrance to the funeral home will be from the front door only. There will be a limited number of visitors allowed to enter the building at any one time and we respectfully ask that you socialize outdoors.

We have had several inquiries about contracting the coronavirus from the deceased. The simple answer is no. The most common way the virus is spread is aerosolization, which is why wearing a face mask is so vital to preventing the spread of the coronavirus.  


  • You must wear a mask to enter the building


  • Please use hand sanitizer before paying respects


  • Minimize personal contact 


  • Please pay respects to the deceased, then family, then exit through the rear door of the building


  • Please socialize outside of the building


  • Respect Social Distancing


We thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate new ways of living and honoring our deceased.





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