How can you be of help during this crisis

It seems every day we receive new information about the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, some of it accurate and a lot of it very inaccurate. From an information standpoint we would suggest getting your information from the people who know and provide the most accurate and up to date informartion: the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Connecticut or the World Health Organization


We also want to remind everyone to wash your hands, face and nostrils with soap and hot water. Use hand sanitizers regularly. Respect the social distancing rules because they are in place for your safety and everyone elses. There are a few other things we can all do to help each other get through this crisis. Support your local businesses by ordering food for curbside pickup and buying gift cards that you could use later on. If you are going shopping, ask your neighbor if they need something and pick it up for them. This is especially important if you have an elderly neighbor. It helps to reduce the amount of people in a store and, more importantly, it's an act of kindness. If you are one of those who "overstocked" on items like toilet paper, hand towels or disinfectant wipes, sprays, etc., please share some with a neighbor, friend or family member. Kindness will keep us all safe. In times of crisis, heroes emerge... be that hero!


God Bless and be safe!




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