Preplanning-the greatest gift you could give your family





We plan for so many events throughout our lives; weddings, birthday parties, holidays, and vacations. Doesn't it make sense to plan for the final celebration of your life with one of our licensed funeral directors. Preplanning your funeral with a licensed funeral director who you trust and have a relationship with is one of the greatest gifts you could give to your family members. Whether it be a traditional service with a viewing prior to going to church followed by a burial, a visitation or gathering prior to or following a cremation, or even a customized celebration of life, the licensed funeral directors at Iovanne Funeral Home, Inc. will guide you through the planning process. We will answer your questions, discuss options with you and, most importantly, provide you with a Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected that, when prepaid, guarantees the price of the services and merchandise that you select. You can prepay in full or over an agreed upon period of time. The only non-guaranteed items are "cash advances" these are third party fees that we will pay on your behalf but are non-guaranteed such as cemetery fees, obituary, certified copies of death, clergy and flowers. Additional cash advances may apply depending on the services you select.


We prefer depositing preneed funds into a trust account rather than into an insurance policy. There is no commission paid when depositing your funds into a trust account. Our escrow agent is Cooperative Funeral Fund based in Madison, CT. They provide every account holder an annual statement as required by federal law. The current rate of return from the trust is ahead of the rate of inflation, so the services and merchandise you select will not cost you more money when it is time to perform the services. 100% of your funds, plus the interest accrued over the life of the trust is applied to your total funeral. Cash advances are not guaranteed because they fluctuate so frequently, but if properly planned for, any potential out of pocket at the time of service is minimal. We believe in being fully transparent!


One more thing I want you to know. There are others out there looking for your business who are not licensed funeral professionals and who work strictly on commission-based sales. I don’t believe they have your best interest at heart as we do. Please consider a licensed funeral professional when it comes to making these important decisions. Our team of licensed funeral directors would be happy to sit with you and discuss what YOU want for your services and remove the burden from your survivors. We would gladly review any plans you have already made, especially when it involves certain insurance funded plans. Our family has been honored to provide personalized services to families in the Greater New Haven community since 1928. Trust us to help you be prepared when the time comes. 


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